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Ashcombe Farms HOA
PO Box 121
Dover, PA 17315
Definition of a Business Vehicle in Town Homes

If you need to submit a request to the HOA executive board for approval, please print and complete this Lot Owner Request Form and return it to the board for review of your request
NYCRP have recommended that people make a list of electrical appliances such as your computers, television sets, etc. in your home and write down the serial number of these items. This list should be kept in a safe place such as a fireproof box or a safety deposit box at the bank. Please let your neighbors who do not have computer access, know about these suggestions. Here is a TEMPLATE that can be used to start you off.
This is information about how the HOA deals with Non-compliance issues as per the concerns expressed at the annual meeting.
2017 Community Garage Sales: May 19-20th and August 11-12th.
We are Ashcombe Farms Dover Home Owners Association. Please don't confuse us with similar HOA's:
Ashcombe West in Dover
Ashcombe Farms in Mechanicsburg, PA
Map of Ashcombe Farms Dover.