Executive Board Meeting – Summary of Official Minutes
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 7:00 PM
  1. Called to order at 7:00 PM.
    Present: Mike Feldblum, Judy Jackson, Kelly Mefford, Andy Shaffer, Duane Wuorinen, and attorney Jason Duncan (from The Law Offices of Duane Stone).
    Guests: Betty Feldblum, Ken Hoffman, Ron Jackson, and Mel James. Election results were reported:
    Judy Jackson –73 votes, Mel James–29 votes, Duane Wuorinen–43 votes.
  2. Mel James and Duane Wuorinen objected to the election results, claiming improper use of proxies. Attorney Jason Duncan discussed proxy use and Pennsylvania State Law which allows proxies to be used as they were in the election of board members. The HOA By-laws allow the use of proxies and the By-laws do not exclude proxy use in elections. In addition other state laws are also applicable in this circumstance. Attorney Duncan stated that the election results stand as confirmed by The Law Office’s of Duane Stone.
    Mel James and Duane Wuorinen continued to take the meeting off agenda with additional complaints.
  3. Mike Feldblum was elected Executive Board President by the Executive Board. Kelly Mefford was elected Vice President. Judy Jackson was elected Executive Board Secretary. Andy Shaffer was elected treasurer.
  4. Andy Shaffer moved to accept the secretary’s report as written. Kelly Mefford seconded this motion. It was unanimously approved.
  5. Judy Jackson moved to accept the treasurer’s report, Duane Wuorinen seconded. It was unanomisouly approved.
  6. Mike Feldblum reviewed the status of the community as it will be reported in the July newsletter, reviewed Executive Board responsibility and duties as outlined in the By-laws, and the Executive Board’s responsibility and relationship to Dover Township.
  7. Old business – Discussion was held regarding beautification of the island at the Palomino Road
  8. New business
    1. Attorney Jason Duncan (from The Law Offices of Duane Stone) discussed the Proposed by-law changes from Duane Wuorinen and Mel and Tyann James.
    2. The Town Home Advisory Committee presented a report prioritizing action needed in common areas – such as the wooded areas and problems with the walking trail.
    3. Proposals on fixing the common area between the newer town homes on Deerfield Drive and homes on Ashcombe Drive. This was discussed and no action was taken.
    4. It was unanimously approved to change the HOA’s email address to a yahoo account.
    5. July newsletter - Advertisement costs versus printing costs were discussed.
  9. Lot owner requests from 1714 Ashcombe and 1849 Deerfield were discussed and approved.

Guest Mel James had several questions and adjourned at 9:37 PM. Respectfully submitted,
Judy Jackson